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2010 Election Results Updated

by Richard Gilman

The results for the 2010 legislative elections have been updated to reflect the final totals after county officials finished counting uncounted ballots on Saturday, Nov. 13.  The general election canvass will be held Nov. 29.

The final results of the five elections of the 2002 – 2010 redistricting cycle

The overall turnout was 55.7 percent. By comparison, 50 percent of registered voters filled in a choice in the state Senate race in their district.

Voter participation in the state Senate races was highest in the 13 safe Republican districts and the nine competitive districts. In both those groupings, 52 percent of voters cast a vote for a state Senate candidate. In the eight safe Democratic districts, only 42 percent of registered voters made a choice.

The lower participation may be partially attributable to uncontested races. The Democratic candidates ran unopposed in six of the eight safe Democratic districts. The GOP candidates ran unopposed in only three of the 13 safe Republican districts.

Voter participation is not so easy to figure in the House races. Not every voter exercises his or her right to vote for two candidates, making it more difficult to track how many voters made any choices at all in the House races. Instead of there being two votes cast for the House per every vote cast for Senate, the ratio was only 1.6 to 1.

The data appear to indicate though that the voter participation in the House races was highest in the competitive districts, average in the safe Republican districts, and lowest in the safe Democratic districts.

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