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Film Advocates Another Way

by Richard Gilman

The advocates for creating competitive districts sponsored the Arizona premiere of the documentary film “Gerrymandering” Tuesday evening at the Arizona Historical Society in Tempe.

The film centers on the successful effort in California to pass Proposition 11, which created a citizens’ redistricting commission similar to the one here in Arizona.  The backdrop is a look at several case studies of gerrymandering from across the country, including New York, Illinois, Texas and California, and video clips of a series of presidents from Reagan to Obama railing away at its pernicious effects.

Filmmaker Jeff Reichert stakes the claim that the systematic removal of competitive districts to protect party interests, minority interests and incumbents is the underlying cause of the polarization that is so profoundly affecting Congress and many state legislatures.

The event, which was emceed by Ken Clark, was sponsored by the Arizona Competitive Districts Coalition and Research Advisory Services.

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  1. Nuria Alcayaga on said:

    Mr. Carter has identified an important issue, but has turned it inside out. The existing districts were designed by the majority of the previous IRC members, being the two Republicans and Mr. Lynn, who voted with them 98% of the time. Maximizing democratic voters into a few districts is not a Republican tactic, it is a Republican strategy. The facts he cites is not a Democratic advantage, it is a Democratic disadvantage. He must understand that?

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