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Thinking Arizona Gives Way to Bringing Up Arizona

Bringing Up Arizona will be an independent but unabashed advocate for doing what’s right education-wise for kids, all kids.… Read More

Arizona Scores Edge Upward; Achievement Gap Persists

Arizona’s fourth- and eighth-graders did slightly better than two years ago in the just-released “Nation’s Report Card,” rising to 40th place among all states. Across the nation, performance remained closely tied to race and income.… Read More

Benson: The Little District That Could — and Did

Benson is a little town that produced big results in the recent round of school grades awarded by the state. It’s not by accident that the district pushed its way to the top.… Read More

Phoenix Has Monopoly On High-Income Districts

The advice for anyone looking to make the big bucks can only be “go to Phoenix, young man.” That’s where the money is, but an analysis of household incomes across the state shows there aren’t any guarantees even in Phoenix.… Read More

Common Core Standards Beg A Common Approach

Why shouldn’t Arizona’s educators put their heads together to determine the best possible methods for teaching the new Common Core Standards? An opinion from Thinking Arizona.… Read More

Arizona Charter Schools Fall Far Short, Study Finds

Charter schools have a slight positive impact nationally, according to a highly anticipated national study, but a decidedly negative impact in Arizona.
Read More

No Child Left Behind? Arizona Tops Dropout List

Arizona has the highest dropout rate in the country. That’s just one of the important insights found in the supporting data for the nation’s annual report on the state of education.… Read More

Charter School Group Links Poverty to School Grades

A new report from the research arm of the Arizona Charter School Association asserts that school grades are largely tied to poverty levels.… Read More

Factoring Poverty Levels Into School Evaluations

School performance is heavily dependent on socio-economic circumstances. Rather than denying the obvious, officials should make use of it.… Read More

Arizona Ranks Near Bottom In Jobs Per Capita

Arizona has fewer jobs for its size than most anywhere in the country, drawing down its per capita income in comparison with other states.… Read More

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