What Is Thinking Arizona?

Daniel Patrick Moynihan said it best:  “You’re entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts.”

Our intent in these partisan times is to be a source of facts, provided entirely in non-partisan fashion, about Arizona public policy.  Our hope is to inform the discourse. We think you’ll come away with new insight, regardless of which side you take.

Each new edition, to be published periodically, looks in depth at a single topic.

We invite you to do the following:

You’ll be able to read our analysis and, if you wish, use the accompanying data to do some of your own analysis. Post a comment, if you’d like.

Explore previous editions by clicking on Topic Explorer and Data Finder.

Use News Tracker to catch up on important developments on the topics we cover.  And visit us periodically to check on recent comments from readers and From The Editors.

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It’s great to have you with us.

About the chief contributor

Richard Gilman parlays several fortuitous circumstances – the luxury of time, the freedom of inquiry, and the availability of an ever-growing mountain of raw data on the Internet – to explore important topics.

The approach is part journalistic.  Gilman is a 35-year newspaper veteran who learned his trade at the University of Arizona.  He started his career as a reporter and an editor of The Arizona Daily Star before becoming an executive for The New York Times and the Boston Globe.

And, in large measure, the approach is analytical.  Gilman learned the value of computer spreadsheets as he earned an MBA, crunched the numbers in business for many years, and then in retirement researched election patterns.

Without the pressure of daily deadlines, he has the freedom to inquire into subjects in a way that otherwise might not be possible.


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