Phoenix Haze Casts Shadow Over State

Thinking Arizona illustration by Tony Bustos
Thinking Arizona illustration by Tony Bustos

If education is an accelerator for economic growth, perhaps the environment should be the brake.

Phoenix has raced ahead, and has the dirty air to show for it. As a result, it’s constantly fighting tickets from the Environmental Protection Agency.

By comparison, Tucson’s economy has merely coasted. Meanwhile though the air has cleared. It gets plaudits for this from the American Lung Association, as do Prescott and Flagstaff.

That’s to be lauded, but it’s Phoenix that counts. A bad-air day in Maricopa County affects 60 percent of Arizonans. Few other metro areas dominate their respective states to the same degree.

The concentrated effect on so many residents causes Arizona to fall down in comparing air quality across the states.

Edition 9 / published Dec. 21, 2012

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Phoenix Pays the Price In Air Quality

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