Ready or Not? . . . There's More to Do

Thinking Arizona illustration by Tony Bustos
Thinking Arizona illustration by Tony Bustos

Arizona voters got really ambitious back in 2006 by pushing through an initiative to make kids more ready for school.

Passage of the measure warmed the hearts of all those who maintain that success in school, and therefore in life, begins to take shape well before a child ever steps into a schoolhouse.

But voters miss out on a gold star. While they carefully delineated the process for spending the money they thoughtfully provided, they neglected to spell out what exactly they expected in return.

With that the matter has largely slipped out of view, although it most assuredly deserves closer attention. Behind the curtain there’s good and bad news. Much work has been done, but much remains.

Edition 13 / published Nov. 17, 2013

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More Is Required to Ready All Kids

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analysis: Measuring Programs Vs. Measuring Results insight: Services Vary Widely From Region to Region

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