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Our approach is part journalism, part white paper. Each new edition, to be released every month or so, will look in depth at a single topic.  You’ll be able to read our analysis and, if you wish, use the accompanying data to make your own analysis to reach your own conclusions.  Our aim in these partisan times is to be non-partisan.  We think you’ll come away with new insight, regardless of which side you take. 

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Check out this edition. Post a comment, if you’d like. Insights are good! Visit us again to catch up on the discussion and the editor’s blog highlighting new developments.

If you like what you see, please forward the email announcing this edition, or the link to the site, to your friends, colleagues and, in the case of elected officials, constituents whom you think might be interested.  Tell them to sign up to get their own email alerts of future editions. Ask them to pass along the link to their friends and colleagues, too.


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